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Our Natural Rights of Passage



Begins December 1st

Enrollment is now open


Join our 4-week community.

As we dive into the fabrics of ceremony and ritual for the significant transitions in our life.
We have natural phases as we age that mark a person's transformation into the next.
Have you felt the call to sit and celebrate your own sacred natural cycles? 


"Our transformations are part of our metamorphosis in this world"

Are you ready to dance with the rhythms of life? 


5 Week Communion
2 Live Calls per Week 

December 1- January 6
A deep cross-cultural exploration of our ancestor's views of Ritual and Ceremony. 
We dive into the blueprint of our ancestors, going through anthropological and archaeological remembrance of the Sacred Ceremonies and Rituals that our Earthly Ancestors conducted. In past and present Earth-based cultures have significant ceremonies and rituals revolving around marking that transitionary period of our life—a moment to remember and reflect on as one changes and forms into what is being initiated.

What's included

Our Natural Rights of Passage Module

Guidebook with self-reflective questions, and practices, along the way


Guided meditations 


Community Calls 

Community Group Chat

Live call recordings 

Our Weekly Gatherings

Begins December 1- Janurary 6

Our Bi-Weekly calls are organized into: 


  1.  Informative and material overview​

  2. Integration & meditation, and opening up space to share our process with the week's topic. 

We go into the preparation for the New Gregorian Year 2023

We will gather on the first day (December 1st) to check what time and day align best for everyone.

This will become our schedule for the live calls. 

This will also be our meeting to see what curiosities and topics anyone wants to cover. Co-creating is part of everything!

Each live call session will be recorded and shared to the cohort

Enrollment is now open: 

Art by: Kiki

Concepts we will cover: 

  • Welcoming + Introduction 

  • Introduction to the Life/death/life cycle

  • Practice of creating your own altar

  • Introduction to Temazcal from the Anahuac (North America) 

  • Rituals and Ceremony | Importance of stoping time

  • Mayan Calendar Introduction- that will follow us through the course of our journey

  • Recognizing + honoring Indigenous knowledge in the Right Relationships

Live Call- Introduction and Intentions | Foundations

Week 2

  • Attuning to our phases of Moons| Mayan teachings of the phases of life

  • Intro to the triple moon Goddess around the world

  • The major rights of passage from the Anahuac

Live Call- Mely de Chichen Itza, Yucatan Nation


Week 3

  • The vitality of limpias and shedding 

  • Our 7 Year Cycles

  • Counting sacred time within your life

Live Call- Samantha from Hands of Mercury | Our astrological 7 Year Cycles. 

Week 4

  • Integration

  • Our own ceremony as life

  • Sacred Ceremony, creating the container for self and others

  • Instinct as a guide

Live Call-Community Ceremony + Integration+ Your own Right of passage


This Journey is for you...

If you feel the call to integrate a new intention into your life.

If you are currently shedding and need a community to guide you along your new path. 

If you have been curious about the traditions of ceremonies around the world to celebrate life's natural phases.

If you are curious about your own natural phases and transition. 

if you are trying to cultivate a more spiritual and intentional connection to your life. 

All beings welcomed, 

Come as you are, 

We love you.

Our Natural Rights of Passage Module + Curriculum 

Guidebook with self-reflective questions, and practices, along the way


Guided sound meditations 


Community Calls 

Live call recordings 

Meet your guide

Mariana Bandera Marin, carries with her an inheritance of curiosity and connection about relating to this earth with the ancestral guides of the earth. She is an anthropologist and archaeologist who has worked in California, Mexico, Menorca, Texas and New York, protecting the sacred lands of the people who have guarded them for millennia. 

She facilitates ceremonies with the sacredness of Cacao, with the guidance the Maya Kaqchikel tradition of Guatemala. She walks the Red Road of Curanderismo - Traditional Healing under the Mexica lineage of Pies Descalzos.

In studying different cultures' Rites of passage, what surprised her is that they all have something in common. Their rituals to mark transformation is expressed in various forms, but at the root of it all, we see the same fundamentals-this is where the truths lie as blueprints. 

With a humbled heart, we welcome you to join us on this magical journey in exploring our own natural changes and rhythms and conducting a ceremony or ritual that will align us as we continue this spiritual path on this earth. 

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