The Anthropology of Rites of Passage



An anthropological exploration of the themes of rituals for phases of transformation in various cosmovisions. We explore different cultures and topics each month

Upcoming Date: 
November 25th
8am PDT

Experience: $44
Experience, Event Replay, and Material: $88

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 "Our transformations are part of our metamorphosis in this world"

What you’ll receive from this experience:



Rediscover our own natural cycles in life and practices seen around the world to mark this initiation and transformation.


Ritual Invitation

Rituals for ending and beginning phases of life: new relationships, new intentions with others, homes, and the self


Heart Expansion

An Integrative meditation experience that encompasses the veneration of our own death in connection to our life.

Key Concepts we will cover:


Intro to Anthropology

Biases of western interpretation Counting sacred time within your life | Our own ceremony as life | Instinct as a guide Life-death-life cycles Rituals and Ceremony | Importance of stopping time

Mayans from Guatemaya & Yucatan 

An introduction to the Mayan Cosmovision + Mayan teachings of the phases of life

Andean Cosmovision

An Introduction to the phases of life in the Andean Cosmovision + Rituals and Ceremony-Importance of stopping time

20-Minute Ancestral Meditation + Art Integration

This meditation will encompass the transformation we are currently in right now and invite us to initiate the next phase. After the meditation, we will open the space for us to integrate our experience in any art form that comes most naturally to us: writing, coloring, altar creation, etc.

Abstract Paint

Upcoming Date: 
November 25th, 2023
8 am PDT

Experience: $44
Experience, Event Replay, and Material: $88