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Blessed Lunar Eclipse Familia!!

I am honored to be writing to you during my integration period of facilitating our Healing with the Ancestors Training with Nana Lucy, I feel that all of our family during that time felt a profound shift as we opened up the living memories of our ancestors and aligning them to what our purpose here is.

Lately, I have been reflecting on the liminality of our place within ancestral lines. Once we recognize the ancestral patterns that repeat and hold us back, we, as the living, can alchemize them into lessons for future descendants. Healing with the ancestors is a slow and meticulous process. In the Mayan cosmovision, this work is associated with the energy of Ajmag, akin to the labor of the bee. These insects work slowly and over time, creating nectar and colonies. They pollinate with dedication until one day, fields of flowers appear. It's a prayer that, in action, is repeated over and over again until it manifests. Much like this prayer, for many of us, we are the dreams of our ancestors, and with that intention, we too are in prayer and actively

healing for our future descendants.

In that same breath, we find ourselves immersed in this beautiful and sacred period of ancestral reverence. It is a portal where the veil gradually thins, granting our ancestors and loved ones the ability to access this realm. Across cultures, the season of ancestral veneration has begun a time for introspection, expressing gratitude, offering profound prayers, and connecting with the roots of our lineage, understanding where we come from and our place in its continuity. This is a season of remembrance, of making offerings, and a time to truly recognize who we are while gathering strength for the forthcoming cycle of rebirth. Simultaneously, we are in the midst of our Annual Reimagining Death Cohort, navigating this ancestral time together. In the spirit of this work, I'm pleased to announce that I will be offering a self-paced course this winter for you to delve deeper into these themes, exploring their significance over time.

Furthermore, in light of this, I'm thrilled to unveil the following events designed to help the community embrace and integrate this sacred time of ancestral reverence: The Flowers of our Ancestors: with the Florecer Community. Join us in celebrating your ancestors and exploring the ancient traditions of Dia de los Muertos and Samhain. Connect with your heritage in a cross-cultural journey of reverence and reflection.

In reverence to your place in your ancestral lineage,


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