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The Anthropology of Death

An anthropological exploration of the themes of death in various cosmovisions. We explore different cultures and topics each month!

Experience: $22
Experience, Event Replay, and Material: $44

"Death is the only friend who has been by my side the whole time- a true witness to my life."

What you’ll receive from this experience:


Intuitive Connection

Rediscover Earth as our oldest ancestor via the lens of practices seen around the world & reigniting ancestral veneration and remembrance.



Reigniting ancestral veneration and remembrance.


Heart Expansion

An Integrative meditation experience that encompasses the veneration of our own death in connection to our life.

Key Concepts we will cover:

We explore different cultures and topics each month!

Intro to Anthropology

Biases of western interpretation Concept of reimagining + Intuition as a guide Life-death-life cycles Earth as our oldest ancestor- practices seen around the world to connect this Ancestral veneration and remembrance Lifting the veil

Neanderthal Burials

An introduction to human consciousness tied to death and the concept of an afterlife + spirit

Mexica Cosmovision

An introduction to the veneration of ancestors in conjunction with our earth and death as a transmutation/ gestation burial practice to connect Mother Earth as the ultimate womb

20-Minute Ancestral Meditation + Art Integration

This meditation will encompass the veneration of our ancestors through the earth and will end with a profound reverence of life itself towards the end. After the meditation, we will open the space for us to integrate our experience in any art form that comes most natural to us: writing, coloring, altar creation, etc.

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