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Document your Legacy

Pass wisdom through your writings, and connect the next generation to where they come from.

Your Legacy in an


Passages' books will last for generations to come. 

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For When You Want To...

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Create priceless memories

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Share wisdom and legacy

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Take a moment to reflect

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Connect with the people who matter

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Celebrate a life well lived


By the end of this experience, you will be able to gift your legacy to your descendants for them to have forever.

Countless stories have been told

"I’m at a loss to find the words to express how very grateful I am to you for making this legacy contribution to me and to our family.  I deeply appreciate it.  And it’s not just that you did the hard work of conducting the interviews and doing the transcriptions and editing.  Even more precious is the context you created that made it possible for me to reflect and share so deeply.  This is so much more than the record of a life.  Ultimately, it is a call to go further in our journey, to go deeper in our work, and to go large in our vision and spirit. Given this moment in human history and the great gifts we have been given to serve, the mirror of a life you have put before us reminds us that we can do no less."



Explore our questions

We have hundreds of questions you can choose from, all crafted to guide you as you weave through your life's story. These questions were carefully curated by an expert based on years of experience with interviews and anthropological methods. Below are just a handful of questions from our library.

How it works

Think of Passages like a conversation

1. Receive a weekly email

You will receive emails containing videos and questions, prompting you to write about your life.

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2. Write Your Story

Respond to each email or write in your own word doc that you can upload later.

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3. Read & Share

After a month, you have a beautifully captured legacy in an eBook to be shared with loved ones.



Additional Services

Book Package

Print at any time!

Turn your words into hardcover books 

  • Professional-quality printing options to assure this family heirloom has a lasting spot on the bookshelf

  • Books usually range from 80-120 pages based on each customer, with a max of 300

  • Option to add up to 25 photos

  • Start with 1 book or order enough for the whole family!

You will have the option to print books after the checkout process. We follow up about this service once you get started.


Your legacy work begins today

You can get started in minutes. Take the first step here!

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