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The Humans Behind Passages

Mariana Bandera


Mariana is a passionate explorer of the human experience on Earth, driven by a profound curiosity about our shared humanity. She finds a deep connection to ceremonial traditions from all corners of the world that serve as vessels for preserving ancient wisdom and collective remembrance. With a background as both an anthropologist and archaeologist, her journey has taken her to diverse landscapes, from California to Mexico, Menorca, Texas, and New York. In each place, she has dedicated herself to safeguarding the sacred lands that have been cherished and protected by indigenous peoples for millennia.


Mariana's work extends beyond the boundaries of traditional anthropology and archaeology. She has taken on the role of a death doula, focusing on the legacy of our ancestors and how their wisdom can illuminate our own paths to a more fulfilled life. Her primary focus lies in lineage healing, and she's a dedicated student of Mayan healing modalities, which emphasize connecting with our ancestors and healing generational wounds.

Walking the path of curanderismo, Mariana immerses herself in the study of traditional healing practices rooted in Mexican and Guatemalan traditions. She delves into the intricate world of ethnobotany, exploring the role of ancestral plants in traditional ceremonies around the world and linking these teachings to various spiritual practices.

As the founder of Passages, Mariana's classes offer a unique blend of anthropological, oral wisdom, and archaeological foundations, interwoven with spiritual and healing modalities. Her dedication to preserving and sharing the ancient wisdom that binds humanity together defines her as not only an educator but also a "caminante" – a walker of the path – and a "curandera," a healer of mind, body, and spirit. Mariana's journey is one of enlightenment, preservation, and a profound connection to the rich tapestry of human existence.

Weave with Mariana

Life Story Ceremony

An intimate 1:1 session bridging ancient traditions with interview practices, our session aims to get to the language of the heart, honoring your most sacred wisdom to pass on to your loved ones. This Ceremony is intended to pass on your loved one's legacy through their oral history. 

Ancient Meditation and Cacao Ceremony

Caca0 Ceremony, Meditation and Sound healing offerings to remind you of your heart's language and intrinsic nature. Each cohort and offering has its unique meditations. Feel free to browse our meditations in our Resources to find one that calls you!

Anthropological Talks

Some of my greatest joy and honor comes from sharing and creating heart-opening moments. Please reach out here to explore booking me to offer guided meditations, webinars, and anthropological talks for your community.

Activism Work

A sacred responsibility to bridge culture's together through an anthropological lens. In past projects, this has included advocacy work with Climate Change at COP26 & translating in the documentary Endangered Generation.

Facilitators and Mentors


Dr. Lucia Culum

Traditional Comadrona + Curandera from Guatemaya

Screen Shot 2023-05-09 at 3.17.24 PM.png

Zarina Holman

Hurqalya Healer

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Izaias Sajvin Mendoza

Mayan Ajq'ij + Wisdom Keeper + Cacao Guardian

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Samantha Melitta

Astrologer: Hands of Mercury

Screen Shot 2023-05-17 at 5.07.32 PM (1).png


Stephanie Khio

Embodied Writer

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