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We are all future Ancestors

Bringing heart-expansive moments through anthropology, ancient traditions, and knowledge shares. As a community, we have offerings that allow us to come together to remember our innate nature and the legacy we want to leave behind through traditional teachings. Offerings also include bridging Indigenous teachings within climate solution-based projects and events. 

Upcoming Offerings


Metamorphasis Series

Our Souls' Voyage

5-week Cohort

2 Live Calls per Week:

Tuesdays 5 pm CT & Sundays 10 am CT

Begins May 28th

Enrollment Now Open!


Weave with Mariana


Life Story Ceremony

An intimate 1:1 session bridging ancient traditions with interview practices, our session aims to get to the language of the heart, honoring your most sacred wisdom to pass on to your loved ones.

Ancient Meditation and Cacao Ceremony

Caca0 Ceremony, Meditation and Sound healing offerings to remind you of your heart's language and intrinsic nature. Each cohort and offering has its unique meditations. Feel free to browse our meditations in our Resources to find one that calls you!

Anthropological Talks

Some of my greatest joy and honor comes from sharing and creating heart-opening moments. Please reach out here to explore booking me to offer guided meditations, webinars, and anthropological talks for your community.

Activism Work

A sacred responsibility to bridge culture's together through an anthropological lens. In past projects, this has included advocacy work with Climate Change at COP26 & translating in the documentary Endangered Generation.