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Building Cultural Bridges

Bringing heart-expansive moments through anthropology, ancient traditions, and knowledge shares. As a community, we have offerings that allow us to come together to remember our innate nature and the legacy we want to leave behind through Ancestral teachings. The focus of our offerings bridge Indigenous teachings to the different phenomenons that humans experience.  

Upcoming Offerings



Plantcestor Series


  Lotus Weekend Intensive study



Friday, July 12th | 9am CST
Mayan Cosmovison: 13 Imox  
Saturday, July 13th | 6pm CST
Mayan Cosmovison: 1 Iq'
Sunday, July 14th | 9am CST
Mayan Cosmovison: 2 Aq'ab'al

Cross-culturally we find the lotus as gate openers to the divine- In this journey through weaving our dreams with the lotus, we will delve into these plants' historical, cultural, and scientific dimensions, unraveling the captivating interplay between humans and the messages from the Lotus flower. We explore the Mayan-Egyptian interconnection, practice breathwork to access the dream state and explore the somatic states of lucid dreaming with the lotus flower in the community. 

Online Resources

Virtual self-paced offerings for the community.

Self-Paced Courses
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Rooted in Research

Our Ancestral Ties to Plants

Through intentional and reciprocal cultivation and respectful relationship with these diverse and multi-dimensional allies, humans have been able to access the masterful and mysterious healing miracles and deep wisdom afforded by these highly intelligent ancestors, towards greater alignment with our own authentic purpose, greater wholeness, peace, and balance with the natural order of the universe that ensures and sustains all life.  

Relationship Reclamation to Death 

Throughout history, life and death, have found a space for contemplation in the human experience. Both experiences have been the object of inspiration, amazement or fear, but also a turning point to relate and understand the world around us.

Death is something that has been and is very present in the lives of human beings. It has been a topic that has worried or been in contemplation of humans since the beginning of our time.  This contemplation and experience is something we all share cross culturally. 

Ancestral Wisdom Transference 

It is a time of great Revelation where we are being asked to sit and listen closely to the signs of Life, to the intelligence of plants, and most of all to our teachers and elders who have walked this earth before us. 

This wisdom transference of elders is practiced and tended by earth based cultures around the world as a means to survival and kinship. Our Inheritance comes from the wisdom of our lineage. 

Image by Ian Macharia
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