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Building Cultural Bridges

Bringing heart-expansive moments through anthropology, ancient traditions, and knowledge shares. As a community, we have offerings that allow us to come together to remember our innate nature and the legacy we want to leave behind through Ancestral teachings. The focus of our offerings bridge Indigenous teachings to the different phenomenons that humans experience.  

Upcoming Offerings

Metamorphosis Series

Reimagining Death 

5-week Online Cohort


Unlock the mysteries of life and transition with our upcoming Reimagining Death 5-Week Cohort. Dive into guided meditations, cross-cultural insights, and ancestral wisdom. 

Are you ready to redefine your perspective on life's most profound journey? Join us for this transformative experience

Begins September 30th
Enrollment Now Open!
Scholarship available- deadline to apply is September 4th

Rooted in Research

Our Ancestral Ties to Plants

Through intentional and reciprocal cultivation and respectful relationship with these diverse and multi-dimensional allies, humans have been able to access the masterful and mysterious healing miracles and deep wisdom afforded by these highly intelligent ancestors, towards greater alignment with our own authentic purpose, greater wholeness, peace, and balance with the natural order of the universe that ensures and sustains all life.  

This wisdom of “plants as ancestors” is practiced and tended by Indigenous and traditional peoples from all over the globe, rooted in and passed down by the original ways of our ancestors. 

Join our Plantcestor Series, where we explore these interconnections between humans and the plant kingdom. Inviting us to cultivate an intimate and reciprocal relationship with them. 

Relationship Reclamation to Death 

Throughout history, life and death, have found a space for contemplation in the human experience. Both experiences have been the object of inspiration, amazement or fear, but also a turning point to relate and understand the world around us.

Death is something that has been and is very present in the lives of human beings.

It has been a topic that has worried or been in contemplation of humans since the beginning of our time.  This contemplation and experience is something we all share cross culturally. 

 Like many of my teachers say, we are spiritual beings living an earthly experience. And death is a phenomenon that every person, and living being experiences, therefore we must look at how Life and Death are mirrored in relation with each other. 

Join our monthly anthropological death gatherings or our annual Reimagining Death Cohort, where we communialy bring awareness to this relationship. 

Ancestral Wisdom Transference 

It is a time of great Revelation where we are being asked to sit and listen closely to the signs of Life, to the intelligence of plants, and most of all to our teachers and elders who have walked this earth before us. 

This wisdom transference of elders is practiced and tended by earth based cultures around the world as a means to survival and kinship. Our Inheritance comes from the wisdom of our lineage. 

Passages conducts Life story Interviews for elders and communities who are asking to harness wisdom, stories, and legacy for the future generations.  

In the same breath, we want to bring opportunities for the community to hear from wisdom keepers- join us in the annual cohorts that explores Rites of Passage, or our monthly talks with guest Curanderas from Mexico and Guatemala.

Image by Ian Macharia


Weave with Mariana

Life Story Ceremony

An intimate 1:1 session bridging ancient traditions with interview practices, our session aims to get to the language of the heart, honoring your most sacred wisdom to pass on to your loved ones. This Ceremony is intended to pass on your loved one's legacy through their oral history. 

Ancient Meditation and Cacao Ceremony

Caca0 Ceremony, Meditation and Sound healing offerings to remind you of your heart's language and intrinsic nature. Each cohort and offering has its unique meditations. Feel free to browse our meditations in our Resources to find one that calls you!

Anthropological Talks

Some of my greatest joy and honor comes from sharing and creating heart-opening moments. Please reach out here to explore booking me to offer guided meditations, webinars, and anthropological talks for your community.

Activism Work

A sacred responsibility to bridge culture's together through an anthropological lens. In past projects, this has included advocacy work with Climate Change at COP26 & translating in the documentary Endangered Generation.


By Donation


Legacy Work Masterclass

 This enriching masterclass combines years of experience in conducting life story interviews, archaeological insights, and lessons from elders to bring you the clearest and most thorough resource available to guide you through the journey of eternalizing legacies.



Our meditations are grounded in giving you a sense of connectivity and profound serenity through times of grief, loss, and mourning. 


Life Letter

Standford University did end-of-life research highlighting the most common feeling was the regret of not telling loved ones how much they care.

Our life letter helps families write out their reflections and messages to their loved ones.

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