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Plantcestor Series
Community Study


Weaving into the Dreamworld
  Lotus Weekend Intensive study


Friday, July 12th | 9am CST
Saturday, July 13th | 6pm CST
Sunday, July 14th | 9am CST


Enrollment is now open! 


Welcome to a Journey into Consciousness

Join us for an immersive journey into the rich history and profound significance of the Lotus Flower.


Over the course of our weekend intensive, we delve deep into its ancestral roots and the intricate tapestry of human consciousness it has woven through dreams into the fabrics of culture in human history.


This is an exploratory intensive, where we commune with these plants as a community. 


an ancient living organism that are predecessors to the human kingdom, which depends on them to survive for food, breath, medicine, fire, shelter, and more. Through their intimate daily relationships to humans for many centuries, they have acted as vessels of ancestral, elemental, and *cosmic* knowledge, folklore, culture, history, and memory, and have been utilized to support the spiritual and earthly well-being of humans for many generations.


They are our ancestor's ancestors, amongst the earliest and most ancient beings whose livelihood, sacrifices, and brilliance has made human & animal life possible upon this Earth.

Through intentional and reciprocal cultivation and respectful relationship with these diverse and multi-dimensional allies, humans have been able to access the masterful and mysterious healing miracles and deep wisdom afforded by these highly intelligent ancestors, towards greater alignment with our own authentic purpose, greater wholeness, peace, and balance with the natural order of the universe that ensures and sustains all life.  This wisdom of “plants as ancestors” is practiced and tended by Indigenous and traditional peoples from all over the globe, rooted in and passed down by the original ways of our ancestors. 

Terminology coined by Layla Kristy Feghali

We Welcome You 

“And thou didst symbolize the deathless power. That under all decaying forms lies hid, The old world worshipped thee, O Lotus flower, Then carved its sphinx and reared its pyramid.”

-Arthur Wentworth Eaton-

Break down of our Weekend Journey

Our Introduction to the Mystic

Friday, July 13th 

Mayan Cosmovision 13 Imox

9 am CST

Understanding the Lotus:

We begin by tracing the historical trajectory and mapping the cultural significance of the Lotus. Through the lens of ethnobotany, we unravel its profound relationship with humanity and its transformative impact on our collective consciousness.

Cultures we explore: 

- Egypt (Blue Lotus)

-Mayan (White Lotus)

-Indian (Pink Lotus)

Engaging the Sacred:

Our journey commences with an intimate introduction, where we set the stage for meaningful connections and begin our energetic weave with the sacred Lotus. Together, we probe the essence of the sacred, delve into the realms of ritual, dreams, mythos, and psyche, and explore the profound transformations that occur within the altered states of consciousness induced by the Lotus.


Diving into the Sensory World

Saturday, July 14th

Mayan Cosmovision 1 Iq'

6 pm CST

As the sun sets, our journey with the Blue Lotus deepens into an immersive sensory experience. Join us on the second day as we venture into the enchanting realm of the Lotus, engaging our senses and exploring its mystical dimensions.

In the embrace of our sacred space, we commune with the Lotus, opening your senses to its enchanting presence in tea, tincture, and smoke. Through guided practices, breathwork, and meditation, we illuminate the Lotus's mystical and mythic aspects, weaving together cross-cultural narratives and sensory perceptions. 

We end the night together, ready to sleep, prepared to weave our lucid dreams together. 


Dream Weaving with the Lotus

Sunday, July 15th

Mayan Cosmovision 2 Ac'ab'al

9 am CST

As the dawn breaks, we gather once again to explore the ethereal landscapes of our dreams within the embrace of the Lotus. Join us for a morning of introspection, exploration, and profound revelation as we weave the threads of our dreams into the tapestry of waking life. We continue our communion with a waking meditation and community reflection. 


We Welcome You 

"When the Lotus returns to the Nile, Harmony will be balanced in the world."
How can this Master Plant bring harmony to your life?
Image by Alfred Schrock

What is Included

Community Communion with Lotus
Dream Integration Session

Self Reflective questions
Somatic Practices 

Guided Meditations

Community Calls 


Community Group Chat

Live call recordings .

Guide book

transcription and slideshow materials included for your review

Class Portal with Further Research References

Art by: Ntyiki Na Ku’yu Ra-sama Kuntsasi. Cuando Yo Muera, Mi Huipil Florecerá’ by Santiago Savi

This Journey is for you...

If you feel the call to reconnect to the sacredness of plants

If you feel the call discover the true story behind the Plants of the Gods

If you have been curious about the traditions of ceremonies that are tied to the Lotus

If you would like to uncover the roots of where these plants come from and their relational story to us

If you are trying to cultivate a more spiritual and intentional connection to the Lotus

All beings welcomed, 

Come as you are, 

Image by Tom Podmore
Image by Tom Podmore

Supporting Community

Because we love a family that grows together: 

Join with a friend, get 25% off 

Apply LOVINGYOU Promotion code to 2 tuition entrees 
Clay Texture
Chhath Puja

Payment Plan and Support is available.

Please Email us to learn more about this opportunity and the requirements. 

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