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What Ancestry DNA test have you tried?

We have been watching the industry of Ancestry DNA kits expand from its earliest moments. The market has come a long way since the first DNA kits were released to the public- making it harder and harder to choose a DNA testing company this fits all of our needs. It's a great thing that there are companies out there like Genomelink, who are experts in the DNA testing industry and the human genome.

According to their editors, "even though all DNA testing companies use essentially the same technology, your DNA results from each company may be slightly different." They have been carefully evaluating and analyzing the products and methods of every DNA testing company that has made its way to the consumer market. Their mission is to make it easy to find the perfect DNA test kit based on your needs!

Check out their blog "Best DNA Test Kits For Ancestry & Health in 2020" for more information.

We want to know what resources and test kits you have used.

Did you have any unexpected results?


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