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Curandera Series
Community Study
July 21th - September 1st 





2 Live Calls per Week:

Tuesdays 2 pm CT & Sundays 10 am CT

Enrollment is now open! 



Join our 6-week community.

In the next 6 weeks, join our family to explore the essence of how devotion evolves into the artistry of the heart. In this community study, we weave together love, responsibility, integrity, and spiritual connection.
Our teachings are rooted in the wisdom of Earth-based cultures, our guides share practices that honor and cherish this connection and Camino. 
This Cohort is an opportunity to explore and reshape how we find nourishment within the art of devotion back to the sacred self through the elements.


Devotion, at its core, means "to vow" or to dedicate oneself.


Throughout history, in earth-based cultures, people have devoted themselves to keeping the spirit of something alive by connecting themselves and giving vitality to that being. This is more than theory; this is something that, through the wisdom of our body (spiritual, energetic, and physical), processes and experiences. It informs us because it is us. 


What would happen if we remembered how to approach the elements with open hearts and a spirit of embodied devotion - both for ourselves and for the spirits that keep us alive?

 From Spirit to the Body:

We are gifted with an instinctive, divine nature- that yearns to be listened to.  

Image by Darren Welsh
"When Humans reassert their relationship with the wildish nature, they are gifted with a permanent and internal watcher, a knower, a visionary, an oracle, an inspiratrice, an intuitive, a maker, a creator, an inventor, and a listener who guide, suggest, and urge vibrant life in the inner and outer worlds.

When humans are close to this nature the fact that relationship glows through them. This wild teacher, wild mother, wild father, wild mentor supports their inner and outer lives- no matter what."

We Welcome You 

Image by Leopold Maitre

What is Included

1:1 Mayan Nahual Lecture and Guidance with Mariana

Self Reflective questions
Somatic Practices 

Guided Meditations

Community Calls 


Community Group Chat

Live call recordings .

Guide book

transcription and slideshow materials included for your review

Class Portal


 Research References

Image by Raimond Klavins
Clay Texture

Concepts of our Container:


Week 1

Creating foundations for our practices

  • Mapping our directions and elements and recognizing them within

  • Cross-cultural exploration of the medicine wheel and sacred directions

  • Recognizing + honoring Indigenous Knowledge in the Right Relationships

  • Introduction to Anthropology

  • The symbological maps of our body: Energetic Points, the brain, the heart, the lungs.

  • Fundamentals of Consciousness, the psyche, and spirituality 

Week 2

Unearthing the soil

Connection to Earth as Matter 

  • Metaphysical intro to matter

  • Earth-based relationship to life and the soil + Earth

  • Somatic Practices to our Body as Earth

  • Cross Cultural Practices on Earth based on reverence

  • Unearthing the Mother- seeding her within us

  • Offerings from our sacred self to the earth 

  • Cacao Butter as medicine: Breast + Womb Self Massage Practice- moving energy within matter

  • Clay as Healer of Matter

Week 3

Blessed Waters

Our connection to our currents and flowing emotions

  • Cross-cultural devotional practices on blessing, purification, and tending to the waters. 

  • Visiting and naming our waters- energy in motion

  • Blessing our waters- past and present 

  • Collecting our waters- creating a water altar

  • The Power of the Flowers

  • Community Communion with Blue Lotus

Week 4

Whispers in the Wind

Learning to listen to the wind as spirit

  • Cross-cultural explanation of the life force of the air (prana). 

  • Somatic practices to connect to our life force energy, moving through transformation and deep connection to spirit and ancestors through the energy of air. 

  • The nervous system as our roots to connect to air

  • Moving and connecting to energy with our breath: Intro to Tantra

  • Communion to the Ank Breath

Week 5

The Fire within

​The Hearth of our burning heart

  • Cross Cultural Fire Ceremonies for petitions, renewal, communion to spirit

  • The legends of Fire

  • Connection to the fire within you

  • The Legends of the Fire from an anthropological perspective. 

  • The different flames within us

  • Communion with Cacao and Fire

Week 6

The Ether as a direction

Connecting to the "higher self"

  • Exploration of the metaphysical and spiritual concept of Ether. 

  • Introduction to the subtle realms of liminal spaces

  • Exploration of the Akash

  • Our electrical currents vs The earths: Exploration on the macro

  • Community Herqolia Meditation

Cultures Explored: 








Image by Chinh Le Duc

Our Weekly Gatherings

2 Live Calls per Week:
Tuesdays 2 pm CT & Sundays 10 am CT

Our Bi-Weekly calls are organized into: 

1. Tuesdays

 Informative and material overview.
This meeting is more academic, and the material that will be shared will have guiding practices and questions to process over the week before we meet to integrate. 

2. Sundays

Integration & meditation and opening up space to share our process with the week's topic. During this meeting, we will collectively do our practices and commune with plants that will assist us in our relationship. 

We Welcome You 

As above, so below. 
As within, so without. 

What does your Axis Mundi Consist of? 

Meet your Guide and Mentors

We Welcome You 

This Journey is for you...


If you desire to relate to the sacred energies that give us life in a more profound way. 


If you are curious about how earth-based cultures have devoted their life to feeding the elemental spirits. 



If you are interested in forming your own prayer and spiritual reverence for the elements.


If you are curious about your own medicine wheel within you and how it can change your life.

How is your Relation to the Earth, the wind, the air, and the fire?

Image by Tom Podmore
Image by Tom Podmore

Supporting Community

Because we love a family that grows together: 

Join with a friend, get 25% off 

Apply LOVINGYOU Promotion code to 2 tuition entrees 
Clay Texture
Chhath Puja

Payment Plan and Support is available.

Please Email us to learn more about this opportunity and the requirements. 

We Welcome You 

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