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Preserving our Collective Legacy

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The Stories of our Elders


Capturing the Wisdom of Communities

This is an initiative Passages has started, to record Indigenous and local stories from all over the world. We all carry deep roots and wisdom from our elders and the land we commune with that deserve to be passed down to our loved ones, to their children, and to future generations. A fundamental question we ask is what lessons, stories, and messages do you want to leave your children and future generations?


Contact us to be nominated for this initiative! 

If you agree to be interviewed, we will ask you about your life, the legacy you want to leave behind, how you connect to your environment, and what you want for future generations. This is a unique opportunity to leave your voice for future generations and become a part of the collective story of our humanity. 


 It is important to mention that what is shared in the interview is strictly confidential. With your approval, we only request one anonymous excerpt to help grow this initiative.


Earth Preservation through Community Artivism

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Our Advocacy Work

In November we went to Glasgow, Scotland to participate in COP26 where we worked alongside our friends at Geoversity and Minga Indigena to produce several events around the city that related to lifting up Indigenous voices to be part of the conversations around climate change. 


80% of the world's biodiversity is protected within lands governed by local and Indigenous communities, while less than 1% of climate funding goes to these sources.

With our background in archaeology and anthropology and working alongside communities that are guardians of their sacred sites, we have are committed to advocating for their sacred sites and the future of our planet. 

Our Services Include: 

  • Archaeological Consultation

  •  Interviews

  • Press Preparation for Indigenous Delegates

  • Translations

  • Transcriptions 

Photo: Lucie Machin

Earth Preservation and Protection through Community Artivism


Indigenous communities protect 80% of the world's biodiversity, yet only 1% of climate-related funding goes to these communities.


Through partnerships with artists and Indigenous leaders, we are leveraging the power that NFT & Blockchain technology allows to fund and drive activism for initiatives that protect our natural world. Through NFT crowdfunding and organizing through DAOs, we can begin to take bigger-scale action into the hands of the masses instead of waiting for the few in power to do what is necessary. 

Notable artists will create unique digital-native art pieces that will represent a movement to protect sacred lands that are being threatened. The wider community dedicated to protecting the natural environment can support the Indigenous communities who are contending the powers at be who are threatening not just their homes but the sacred lands that are home to vital ecosystems. 


By contributing to the causes you will be directly funding financial resources that are essential to winning the fight. Financial support will go towards legal services, capital for land acquisition, marketing, physical resources, and other supporting needs that go into these initiatives. All actions will be documented and transparent.


NFT to Protect Sacred Sites

Our Roadmap