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Activism Work

Preserving our Collective Legacy

Cultural Heritage is a breathing relationship between the past,
the present and

Our collective legacy is our Planet Earth

Our community initiatives focus on the preservation of Planet Earth and help fuel the guardians who are currently in the frontlines of the Climate Change Emergency. 

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Ethnographic Work
Capturing the Wisdom of Communities


The Stories of our Elders
Community Project

This is an initiative Passages has started, to record Indigenous and local stories from all over the world. We all carry deep roots and wisdom from our elders and the land we commune with that deserve to be passed down to our loved ones, to their children, and to future generations. A fundamental question we ask is what lessons, stories, and messages do you want to leave your children and future generations?


Contact us to be nominated for this initiative! 

If you agree to be interviewed, we will ask you about your life, the legacy you want to leave behind, how you connect to your environment, and what you want for future generations. This is a unique opportunity to leave your voice for future generations and become a part of the collective story of our humanity. 


 It is important to mention that what is shared in the interview is strictly confidential. With your approval, we only request one anonymous excerpt to help grow this initiative.

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Endangered Generation? 

The Endangered Generation? is your guide to surviving the Anthropocene. This film challenges the myth that our world is fundamentally driven by selfishness and competition – a story that for centuries has shaped our understanding of humankind and nature. Instead, we take the audience on an unabashedly positive and hopeful journey to reconnect with our environment and with each other – revealing a neglected side of human nature, and the potential of the diversity and deep connections that already exist in our world, hidden just beyond our view.


These stories take us deep into the jungles of Panama in search of nature’s survival secrets; to the heart of the Antarctic to discover how art can change the way we see our world; into an experiment in radical collaboration playing out in the dense urban bustle of Indonesia, and into the fight to preserve the last of Australia’s Indigenous languages and the invaluable knowledge of our world that they contain.

Mariana played a part in the anthropological consultation and translation for Guna Indigenous Leader, Agar Tejada,  during the production and post-production of this film. 

 Advocacy Work

Earth Preservation through Community Artivism


In November we went to Glasgow, Scotland to participate in COP26 where we worked alongside our friends at Geoversity and Minga Indigena to produce several events around the city that related to lifting up Indigenous voices to be part of the conversations around climate change. 


80% of the world's biodiversity is protected within lands governed by local and Indigenous communities, while less than 1% of climate funding goes to these sources.

With our background in archaeology and anthropology and working alongside communities that are guardians of their sacred sites, we have are committed to advocating for their sacred sites and the future of our planet. 

 Services Include: 

  • Archaeological Consultation

  •  Interview Prep

  • Press Preparation for Indigenous Delegates

  • Translations

  • Transcriptions 

3rd November - Inauguration - Lucie Machin (18).jpg

Photos: Lucie Machin


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