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Community Study

Metamorphasis Series

Unearthing the Wisdom of Transformation

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 in its biological essence, signifies a profound change in an organism's form, structure, and function as it progresses through its life cycle. Just as the butterfly emerges from a cocoon, we too undergo a series of stages, evolving and adapting to the world around us. This transformation process is ingrained in the very fabric of nature.


Our journey is a reflection of this metamorphosis, guided by the wisdom of our ancestors. Just as ancient living organisms are predecessors to the human kingdom, we too are shaped by our history, our culture, and the timeless knowledge that resides within us.

Throughout the ages, we have been intertwined with our ancestors' wisdom, the elements of the cosmos, and the memories of our collective past. This deep connection has enabled us to adapt, learn, and thrive. Our journey into transformation is rooted in the wisdom of those who came before us.

With intention and respect, we cultivate a reciprocal relationship with our diverse and multi-dimensional ancestors, much like our indigenous and traditional counterparts around the world. Through this practice, we access the miraculous healing and deep wisdom that align us with our true purpose. We find wholeness, peace, and balance in harmony with the natural order of the universe, which sustains all life.

A Journey of Transformation and Self-Discovery through Ancient Wisdom

The wisdom of "Metamorphosis" is a practice that bridges cultures, echoing the original ways of our ancestors, passed down through generations, and rekindled in the present. 

Step into a world where profound self-discovery and personal transformation unfold, where ancient wisdom meets contemporary understanding. Our series is dedicated to guiding you through the intricate process of metamorphosis—a journey that reshapes your perspective and aligns you with your authentic purpose.

Join us on a transformative path as we delve into a series of immersive modules designed to illuminate the profound layers of life, death, and the spiritual dimensions that connect you to your sacred mission. Join us in this transformative journey as we unlock the ancestral wisdom of metamorphosis and discover our true path


5-Week Community Studies

Our path reflects this metamorphosis, taking us through three unique modules, each designed to guide you through a profound exploration of life, death, and the spiritual dimensions that connect us to our sacred mission on Earth

Cohort 1: Fall

Reimagining Death

In this module, we embark on a cross-cultural exploration of death and mortality. We delve into diverse perspectives on this natural transition, gaining insight into the reflection of life with death and our place in the grand tapestry of existence.


Cohort 2: Spring

Our Natural Rights of Passage

Discover the wonders of Earth's natural cycles and the myriad cultural expressions of rituals and sacred moments. This module explores our innate rhythms and rites of passage, connecting us to the wisdom embedded in the world's traditions and the profound wisdom of the human experience.


Cohort 3: Summer

Our Soul's Voyage

The final module of our transformative journey delves into diverse spiritual modalities, providing you with tools to gain guidance and insight into your sacred mission on Earth. This spiritual exploration empowers you to align with your true purpose and find balance in a world interconnected by the spirit.

Experience the Full Metamorphosis Journey

Study with us for a Year cycle

Experience a profound transformation with the complete Metamorphosis Journey bundle, and savor the magic of 1 lb of ceremonial cacao as you explore life, death, and the spiritual dimensions that connect you to your sacred mission on Earth

This bundle includes: 

1lbs of LavaLove Cacao
Access to all 3 live Cohorts that occur throughout the year

  • Reimagining Death

  • Our Natural Rights of Passage

  • Our Souls Voyage

*Regardless of when you join, you can start your journey at any point within the bundle

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