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Online Ceremony 

Ix' Cacao


Cacao has walked out of the jungle to harmonize us with nature and to the heart of mother earth.


- Tata Izaias

It is known that cacao has been a sacred ancestral medicine for the Maya and the Mexica of the Cem-Anahuac for millennia. A beverage created for humans by the gods. 

Our 2 Main Offerings:

Join us in Communion 


Corazón de Cacao

A a deep Ancestral Connection through our hands

From the Raw seed to our lips, dive into a living tradition that cinnects us to the ancestors, to our empowerment, and to our hearts.

 A 6 hour ceremony where we speak about the anthropology of Cacao while we toast the seeds, peel them, and grind them on a mortar to make our ceremonial beverage. 

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Cacao Ceremony

Cacao Communion with an Ancestral Mayan Meditation

Working with the Mayan Cosmovision, we commune with cacao in ceremony to dive into the depth of the sacred Mayan Calendar. 

A 3 hour ceremony where we speak on the legend of Cacao and the mapping of our hearts thought the Mayan Chol Q'ij Sacred Calander.

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What's Included

1:1 Mayan Nahual Reading 

 Self-reflective questions and practices along the way

Guided Meditations 

Community Calls 

Community Group Chat

Live call recordings 

Guide book

Image by Mark Basarab

Our Weekly Gatherings

May 28, 2023- June 27th

2 Live Calls per Week:
Tuesdays 5 pm CT & Sundays 10 am CT

Our Bi-Weekly calls are organized into: 


  1.  Informative and material overview​

  2. Integration & meditation and opening up space to share our process with the week's topic. 

Sessions range from 1.5-2 hours

Are you ready to remember yourself?


Life Reflection Webinar_edited.png
Image by Ashley Batz

Concepts we will Reimagine:

  • Introduction to the Life/death/life cycle

  • Recognizing + honoring Indigenous knowledge in the Right Relationships

  • Earth-based relationship to life and the soul

  • Ancestor Reverence blueprints around the world

  • The vitality of your fire

  • Mayan cosmovision of the Chu'milal Wuj

  • Our body as a vessel

  • Mapping our life as a tool 

  • Journaling and meditation as a practice

  • Past lives and retrograde of the soul

  • Our gifts + inheritance

  • Cross-cultural divination practices 

Meet your guide

Mariana Bandera Marin carries with her a deep curiosity about what makes us human on earth and has an affinity to ceremonies around the world that help preserve wisdom and remembrance. She is an anthropologist and archaeologist who has worked in California, Mexico, Menorca, Texas and New York, protecting the sacred lands of the people who have guarded them for millennia. 

Under the guidance of her Mexica and Mayan mentors, she offers Cacao ceremonies and life story interviews for those who want to share their wisdom and heart with their family and loved ones as a form of Rite of Passage.

In studying different cultures' Rites of passage, what surprised her is that they all have something in common. Their rituals to mark transformation are expressed in various forms, but at the root of it all, we see the same fundamentals-this is where the truths lie as blueprints. 

With a humbled heart, we welcome you to join us on this magical journey in exploring our own soul's voyage.

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