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Plantcestor Series
Self-Paced Online Course


Skin of Corn, Heart of Cacao

4 Modules
PDF with bibliography available for each class.


an ancient living organism that are predecessors to the human kingdom, which depends on them to survive for food, breath, medicine, fire, shelter, and more. Through their intimate daily relationships to humans for many centuries, they have acted as vessels of ancestral, elemental, and *cosmic* knowledge, folklore, culture, history, and memory, and have been utilized to support the spiritual and earthly well-being of humans for many generations.


They are our ancestor's ancestors, amongst the earliest and most ancient beings whose livelihood, sacrifices, and brilliance has made human & animal life possible upon this Earth.

Through intentional and reciprocal cultivation and respectful relationship with these diverse and multi-dimensional allies, humans have been able to access the masterful and mysterious healing miracles and deep wisdom afforded by these highly intelligent ancestors, towards greater alignment with our own authentic purpose, greater wholeness, peace, and balance with the natural order of the universe that ensures and sustains all life.  This wisdom of “plants as ancestors” is practiced and tended by Indigenous and traditional peoples from all over the globe, rooted in and passed down by the original ways of our ancestors. 

Terminology coined by Layla Kristy Feghali

Image by Arusfly 🌿


Welcome to the immersive journey of "Skin of Corn, Heart of Cacao" - a self-paced course that invites you to delve into the captivating world of two extraordinary plants, their histories, their usages, and the enchanting stories they hold. Within this course, you'll have the opportunity to explore the profound connections between these botanical wonders and their dedicated plant guardians.

Our course is divided into four enlightening modules, each carefully designed to provide you with a holistic understanding of corn and cacao, from their ancient roots to their modern significance.  As you navigate through each module, you'll find videos with content and insights. These videos were thoughtfully recorded live, offering you glimpses into the interactions and discussions of our previous cohorts. You'll witness the spirit of our community, where learning is a collaborative journey.

Accompanying each video, you'll discover matching PDF materials. These materials contain the text of the content covered in the videos, providing you with a comprehensive resource to reference at your convenience. Feel free to download and read them to enhance your learning experience.

Watch the Introduction 
Are you ready to relate to the Sacredness of Corn and Cacao?
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Concepts for your Journey:

  • Recognizing + honoring Indigenous Knowledge in the Right Relationships

  • Earth-based relationship to life and the soil + Earth

  • Defining what is Sacred

  • Decolonizing Corn and Cacao

  • The history + Herstory of these two plants 

  • The ancient legends of how Corn and Cacao come to be on this earth

  • Recipes and the uses of these plants as Medicine

  • The Ancient Relationship of Cultivation and "Domestication"

  • Mapping the relationship to the present day

  • The Global repercussions and current food sovereignty efforts in the Anahuac

Sessions range from 1.5-2 hours


The Cacao & Corn Bundle

We offer a bundle ready for you to relate to during this container. This bundle includes: ​

  • 3 different varieties of Corn seeds from Mexico 

  • 1 dose Tezcalate mixture (a combination of corn a cacao drink)

  • Ceremonial-grade Raw Cacao Seeds 

  • 1 Doses of Ceremonial Grade Cacao Paste 

Art by: Ntyiki Na Ku’yu Ra-sama Kuntsasi. Cuando Yo Muera, Mi Huipil Florecerá’ by Santiago Savi

This Journey is for you...

If you feel the call to reconnect to the sacredness of plants

If you feel the call discover the true story behind Cacao and Maiz

If you have been curious about the traditions of ceremonies that are tied to these two plants

If you'd like to relate cacao and corn again from their origin and hear the stories from their original carriers

If you would like to uncover the essence of Corn and Cacao 

If you are trying to cultivate a more spiritual and intentional connection Corn and Cacao

All beings welcomed, 

Come as you are, 


Image by Erik
Peeled Corn

Payment Plan is available 

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