A Weekend Event
December 10-11th

Emergence of Light

Honoring the Solstice & Sacred Cycles of Time 

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Experience: $55

11% of proceeds will go to CECAP Amigos De Santa Cruz in Lake Atitlan, Guatemaya.

A weekend virtual event preparing for and observing the Cycles of the Sun through anthropological + astrological exploration, followed by a Cacao Ceremony through the wisdom of the Mayan Cosmovision.

What you’ll receive from this experience:

Stonehenge at Sunset
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Cosmic Observation

Discover the astrological significance of the solctice and Gregorian New Year. Explore the collective and individual cycles of time through a planetary perspective. 

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Ritual Invitation

Explore the anthropology of what our ancestors have done in the past to mark the cycle and rebirth of the sun. 


We will go over different celebrations throughout the world and cleanses to invoke and invite a ritual of a new beginning into our life.

Image by Ainsley Myles

Heart Expansion

Commune with Cacao and the Mayan Cosmovision in ceremony followed by an integrative meditation to activate what is being called this upcoming year.

Day 1 
December 10th \ 10 am PST

An anthropological + astrological material share for the preparation of the Gregorian New Year. Our talk consists of an anthropological exploration of time, sacred solstices, and rituals found cross culturally to initiate, bless, and cleanse.

This is followed by an astrological component diving into the significance of the solstice and zodiac sign that correlates with the calendar new year, as well as a planetary perspective on our collective and individual cycles of timing.

Day 2 
December 11th \ 10 am PST

Our material share will be followed by a Cacao Ceremony led by Samantha and Mariana. We will invoke and work with the Mayan Cosmovision of time for that day followed by a guided sound meditation and integration session. We will close with a group reflection and share.


This is an invitation to create and prepare your own ritual and find the sacred for this winter solstice and new year.

Meet your Guides,

Samantha & Mariana

Mariana and Samantha met on the sacred shores of Lake Atitlán where they had the privilege to study together under Tata Izaias and Nana Izabel of LavaLove Cacao and receive their teachings on the Mayan Cosmovision and sacred art and ritual of Cacao Ceremony. With a humbled heart, we welcome you to join us on this magical journey in exploring and honoring the solar cycles in conjunction to our own.


Samantha Melitta is passionate about the power of storytelling and intentional gathering to inspire personal growth and collective progress. She weaves her love and practice of theatre, astrology, and ceremony into her personal and group offerings as a multi-disciplinary guide and facilitator. Her journey started with offering bi-monthly moon circles as well as astrology and tarot readings for one on one clients, parties, corporate functions, and entertainment industry folk for almost a decade in Los Angeles. She has been on the road this past year hosting workshops and sessions for retreats and community spaces in Costa Rica, Lake Atitlan, and Portland, OR. Her mission is to empower your unique journey, affirm your own intuitive nature, and help you bring your best self forward to the community and the earth.


Mariana Bandera Marin carries with her a deep curiosity about what makes us human on earth and has an affinity to ceremonies around the world that help preserve wisdom and remembrance. She is an anthropologist and archaeologist who has worked in California, Mexico, Menorca, Texas and New York, protecting the sacred lands of the people who have guarded them for millennia.

Under the guidance of her Mexica and Mayan mentors, she offers Cacao ceremonies and life story interviews for those who want to share their wisdom and heart with their family and loved ones as a form of Right of Passage.

In studying different cultures' Rites of passage, what surprised her is that they all have something in common. Their rituals to mark transformation are expressed in various forms, but at the root of it all, we see the same fundamentals-this is where the truths lie as blueprints.

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Join us on December 10 & 11th

Experience: $55

11% of proceeds will go to CECAP Amigos De Santa Cruz in Lake Atitlan, Guatemaya.