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Image by Tim Stief

Plantcestor Series Cohort
November 13th - December 9th


Salve of Copal, Prayer of Tobacco


2 Live Calls per Week:

Tuesdays 5 pm CT & Sundays 10 am CT

Begins November 13th

Enrollment is now open! 


an ancient living organism that are predecessors to the human kingdom, which depends on them to survive for food, breath, medicine, fire, shelter, and more. Through their intimate daily relationships to humans for many centuries, they have acted as vessels of ancestral, elemental, and *cosmic* knowledge, folklore, culture, history, and memory, and have been utilized to support the spiritual and earthly well-being of humans for many generations.


They are our ancestor's ancestors, amongst the earliest and most ancient beings whose livelihood, sacrifices, and brilliance has made human & animal life possible upon this Earth.

Through intentional and reciprocal cultivation and respectful relationship with these diverse and multi-dimensional allies, humans have been able to access the masterful and mysterious healing miracles and deep wisdom afforded by these highly intelligent ancestors, towards greater alignment with our own authentic purpose, greater wholeness, peace, and balance with the natural order of the universe that ensures and sustains all life.  This wisdom of “plants as ancestors” is practiced and tended by Indigenous and traditional peoples from all over the globe, rooted in and passed down by the original ways of our ancestors. 

Terminology coined by Layla Kristy Feghali


Join our 4-week community.

Within the Cemanahuac we see how Sacred Copal and Tobacco are. These two plants are the pillars of healing and ceremonial spaces for the people of the Anahuac. Long before the invasion, there was sacred and ceremonial cultivation to the relationship of these plants. These two plants specifically bring healing, enlightenment, and deepens prayers. Join us in the exploration of this relationship as we cultivate one with Copal and Tobacoo in its original use. 


Image by Jimmy Salazar
What prayers are you elevating lately?

What's Included

Live Calls with Guardians of Tobacco and Copal

 Self-reflective questions and practices along the way

Guided Meditations 

Community Calls 

Community Group Chat

Live call recordings 

Guide book


Our Weekly Gatherings

November 13th- December 9th

2 Live Calls per Week:
Tuesdays 5 pm CT & Sundays 10 am CT

Our Bi-Weekly calls are organized into: 


  1.  Informative and material overview​

  2. Integration & meditation and opening up space to share our process with the week's topic. 

Sessions range from 1.5-2 hours


Are you ready to relate to the Sacredness of Copal and Tobacco?

Concepts of our Container:

  • Recognizing + honoring Indigenous Knowledge in the Right Relationships

  • Earth-based relationship to life and the soil + Earth

  • Defining what is Sacred

  • Decolonizing Tobacco and Copal

  • The history and medicinal uses of these two plants 

  • The ancient legends of how Tobacco and Copal come to be on this earth

  • The Ancient Relationship of Cultivation and "Domestication"

  • Mapping the relationship to the present day

  • The Global repercussions and current sovereignty efforts in the Anahuac

Live calls from Guardians of these sacred plants will also be a part of our container. 

Copal & Tobacco Bundle

We offer a bundle ready for you to relate to during this container. This bundle includes: ​

  • 3 Different Varieties of Copal from Guadalajara and Guatemaya

  • 2 Different Varieties of Tobacco from Guatemala and Mexico

  • 1 Packet of Mexican Tobacco Seeds


This Journey is for you...

If you feel the call to reconnect to the sacredness of plants

If you feel the call to discover the true story behind Tobacco and Copal

If you have been curious about the traditions of ceremonies that are tied to these two plants

If you'd like to relate to tobacco and copal  again from their origin and hear the stories from their original carriers

If you would like to uncover the essence of Tobaccoo and Copal

If you are trying to cultivate a more spiritual and intentional connection to these two plants as medicine

All beings welcomed, 

Come as you are.


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