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Teresa Q

86, New York City

"You have made me extremely happy that you have taken on the story of my life. Now I realize how very special this is to me and to all my children. I knew so little about my parents' lives. And as I got older, I felt like I was cheated not truly knowing them. They were wonderful and loved me dearly. You, Mariana, gave to me and to my children, the gifts to know what an interesting and exciting life I had, since a young child. This has become a great deal of work and time that you are willing to sacrifice to me. It might be a good idea for everyone to start their own life history. And Mariana, I have to tell you that I appreciate it so, so much. But more than that, I think when my children know my life story, they will have a better understanding of who I am. And I think that's a wonderful, wonderful gift to give to all my children."


Richard S

63, New York City

"I was excited when I agreed to get a Vivencia of my own. I never considered something like this, but then my kids told me that they wanted me to go with the process. Now that I had more time to reflect on what it all means, I am incredibly grateful for getting the opportunity. It is such a special practice that I think should be more of a common occurrence in our society." 

Image by ian dooley

Therese P

57, New York City

"Thank you for your time working with me to record some of my life history!  It was such a pleasure working with you to record some of the most basic, yet important events of my life...that I happily recalled only because of you.  It's interesting that in all my years, I never stopped to think about the profound impact that my faith, family, and friends have had on me nor me on them. Your process, patience and incredibly calming, way allowed me to express things that I may not have been able to do without this project!  You are a very special person and I am so thankful for the opportunity to pass along to my children and grandchildren a snippet of my love for them, my life before they knew me and the history that formed the person that they know.  The Vivencia Project is a gift that I wish I was given years ago!" 


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