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Virtual self-paced offerings for the community.

Ancestral Remembrance for a Regenerative Future

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Dive into a realm of profound understanding and personal transformation with our online resources. Here, we invite you to embark on a journey that delves deep into the realms of anthropology, ancestral connections, lineage healing, plantcestor exploration, and death reclamation. at your pace, uncover the wisdom of generations, connect with your roots, and reclaim lost traditions.

Our educational platform is your gateway to a world where the past meets the present, offering a unique opportunity to explore your ancestral heritage and the healing powers of plants. Join us as we unearth the hidden treasures of your past, nurture your spiritual growth, and revitalize your connection with the world around you. Begin your journey of self-discovery and ancestral healing today with one of our classes.

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The Anthropology of Death
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Masterclasses & Guided Meditations
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Past Event Recordings
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